Data Privacy Landscape 2020: What Marketers Need to Know to Stay Compliant

Speakers: Dan Pearce, Technology, Media and Communications Lawyer at Holding Redlich
Kath Usabal, Campaign Manager at Vision6

About the session: 2020 has put an emphasis on all things digital. As businesses shift their marketing efforts to online, renewed attention has been drawn to questions around data privacy. It’s become essential for businesses to adopt strong data privacy practices…but a lot of marketers and business owners aren’t quite sure where to start or how to keep up with the changes.

So we’re calling in the experts! In this session, we chat with Technology, Media and Communications Lawyer Dan Pearce from Holding Redlich on key data privacy regulations, updates, trends, and future predictions. We’ll also cover best practices and recommendations on how businesses and marketers can take on these changes, maintain compliance, and more importantly, consumer trust.

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