Unlock the Power of Personalisation: Expert Tips to Captivate Customers with Experimental Personalisation

Speaker: Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Founder and Managing Director at MI Academy

About the session: The average adult has an attention span of just 8 seconds. Yep! Hours upon hours spent creating an email only for it all to come down to 8 measly seconds. So, how can you avoid the dreaded down arrow? You get personal, that’s how!

A 53% increase in YoY email revenue sounds pretty fab, hey? Well, that’s what MI Academy achieved with just one personalised email, imagine the results you could get if you experimented with personalisation at every touchpoint!

Learn from one of Australia’s leading email marketing experts, Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, on the crucial data points you need to collect, and how to master the data, experiment and optimise for advanced personalisation.

In this session you will learn to:

The data points you need to inject powerful personalisation into your emails, evolve your ‘one-size-fits-all’ automation strategy with advanced personalisation techniques and create a comprehensive framework for testing and campaign enhancement with A/B testing

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